Alfred de Grazia

The Founder of Quantavolution is in His Ninetieth Year

Alfred de Grazia, creator of the Quantavolution Paradigm, was born December 1919 in Chicago. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago in political science, studied law at Columbia and was furloughed for four years to participate in six campaigns of World War II, from North Africa through Sicily, Italy, France, and Germany. He was instrumental in a number of psychological warfare operations. Returning, he took part in Chicago politics, managing congressional and aldermanic campaigns, then earning a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Chicago. His dissertation, begun before the war in a series of papers, became the outstanding work on political representation, Public and Republic. His 2000-page war correspondence with his wife, Jill Oppenheim, carried on grazian-archive became known as perhaps the largest and best of the genre of "lovers in wartime." Jill (deceased) was a writer and sociologist, and mother of his seven children. He held appointments and taught at the University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, Brown University, Stanford University and New York University, He lectured widely on political and social behavior, and wrote a score of books in these fields. He founded and edited The American Behavioral Scientist for ten years before it blossomed into many journals under Sage Publications. He switched his main track after his work on World Order (Kalos), into study and writing of prehistorical catastrophes, the field of Quantavolution that he shared with a growing number of pioneering scholars, therein publishing 14 books, in fields ranging from primeval psychology to astrophysical disasters affecting Earth. In the ABS he co-authored, edited and published The Velikovsky Affair, a term which he coined to define a large scientific and public controversy. He published the book by the same name, in 1963. From Velikovsky, he adopted the theory of wide-ranging catastrophes affecting the history of the Earth, of the solar system, and of humankind, and of vastly contracted time spans, which he came to call "Quantavolution, a paradigm of sudden, widescale, intensive catastrophes-anastrophes." His latest work in Quantavolution is The Iron Age of Mars [2009]. In politics he originated over the first years of the 21st Century a radical plan in internet, disk, and book forms, for the reunification of Israel-Palestine and its incorporation into the USA as "Canaan, the 51st State." He founded in 2009 the League of Canaan Statehood Associates, started by joining together several sympathizers. He is presently living in France with his wife of thirty years, French author Anne-Marie de Grazia.

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