Scythian Kurgans and the "Royal Tombs of Ur"

in honor of Alfred de Grazia approaching his ninetieth anniversary

Materials for the identification of the “-3rd” millennium “Royal Tombs” of Ur (Bible-fundamentalist date) as actually 1stmillennium burials of Scythians rulers (ancient Greek dates) who according to this author are known in the cuneiform literature as the enigmatic Guti (Qutheans) who – according to ancient Greek historiography – helped Iranian Medes and Mesopotamian Chaldaeans to destroy the 8th/7th century Empire Assyrians with Ninos as greatest and Sharakos as last ruler who - according to this author - are known in cuneiform as -23rd century (Bible-fundamentalist dates) imperial “Old-Akkadians” with Naramsin as greatest and Sharkalisharri as last ruler.
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Sumerian and Scythian Goats

Sumerian goats nibbling leaves
Scythian goats nibbling leaves

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