Laszlo Koertvélyéssy

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Laszlo Koertvélyéssy

Born in Budapest: 1932.
Scientific University Budapest:1954.
TUNGSRAM: 1957-1971
Escaped to freedom: 1971
IPSEN: 1974 -1982
book: Thermoelement Praxis: 1981, 500pp
Owner of THERMO-CONTROL (thermoelement-factory), Kleven, Germany, later Berlin: 1982 - 2007
Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: 1990
Idea: the Sun separates electricity like a thermoelement: 1994, May 13
book The Electric Universe: 1998, 704pp
About 100 papers and patents – 3 Europe-patents
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His books:
Go to: Thermoelement Praxis (in German)
Go to: The Electric Universe (in English)
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Go to: The Electric Universe Website

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in The 2008 Paris Conference on Quantavolution
contact: d r l a k y @ a o l . c o m 
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