Adm. Flavio Barbiero

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Go to: Space-Time as a Field of Mass - A Proposal for a New Model of Physical reality

Prof. Nikolai S. Erokhin

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Go to: Chaotic Phenomena in Near-Earth Plasma

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn

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Go to: Scythian Kurgans and the "Royal Tombs of Ur"

Dr. Laszlo Koertvélyéssy

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Go to: The Filament State of Matter

Scott Mainwaring

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Prof. William C. Mullen

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Go to: Quantavoluting Fugue

Prof. Stavros Papamarinopoulos

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Go to: Plato and the Seismic Catastrophe in 12th Century Athens

Prof. Emilio Spedicato

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Go to: From First Day in Genesis to Exodus
Go to: Solomon and Dionysus

Richard Stern

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Prof. Alfred de Grazia

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Ami de Grazia

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Special Guests

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