Adm. Flavio Barbiero

Go to: Space-Time as a Field of Mass - A Proposal for a New Model of Physical Reality)

Prof. Nikolai S. Erokhin

Go to: Chaotic Phenomena in Near-Earth Plasma

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn 

Go to: Scythian Kurgans and the "Royal Tombs of Ur"

Dr Laszlo Koertvélyéssy

Go to: The Filament State of Matter

Prof. William C. Mullen

Go to: Quantavoluting Fugue

Prof. Stavros Papamarinopoulos

Go to: Plato and the Seismic Catastrophe in 12th Century Athens

Prof. Emilio Spedicato

Go to: From the First Day in Genesis to Exodus
Go to: Solomon and Dionysus - Who Were They?

We are proud to introduce speakers in the field of Quantavolution who are not all native English-speakers. Italy, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Germany are represented. We will leave faithfully the texts as they have been written by their authors, in their idiosyncratic forms of scientific English, concerned that rewriting them into the standard language might introduce errors or supress subtleties, but confident that they will be perfectly understandable in their original form.  
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